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Atelier Kampkuiper & van Beek

Hardwood clocks

100% hand crafted

Zebra wood (Zebrano)

Scientific Name: Microberlinia brazzavillensis

Distribution: West Africa

Tree Size: 20-40m tall, 1.2-1.5m trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 805 kg/m3

Janka Hardness: 8.160 N

€ 529,-


Scientific Name: Millettia laurentii

Distribution: Central Africa

Tree Size: 18-27m tall,  1-1.2m trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 870 kg/m3

Janka Hardness: 8.600 N


€ 549,-

Cherry wood

Scientific Name: Prunus serotina

Distribution: Eastern North America

Tree Size: 15-30m tall, 0,3-0,6m trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 560 kg/m3

Janka Hardness: 4.230 N


€ 499,-


Scientific Name: Pericopsis elata

Distribution: West Africa

Tree Size: 30-46m tall, 1-1.5m trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 725 kg/m3

Janka Hardness: 6.980 N


€ 499,-

A combination of technology of the sixties combined with modern age computing power

Looks familiar?

Nixie tubes were mainly used as digital displays in electronic devices, such as calculators, clocks, and measurement instruments, from the 1950s to the late 1970s. They were also utilized in early computers as memory or storage devices in the form of decoders, shift registers, and counters. Nixie tubes were popular because they were reliable and easy to read, and their glowing orange or green numerals gave a striking visual appeal. However, they were eventually replaced by more practical and cost-effective LED and LCD displays. Today, Nixie tubes are mainly collected and used for decorative and artistic purposes.

Date and time!

The clock can be configured to just show the time or the time intermittent with the date. Also a black-out period can be set during 01:00 - 06:00 to spare your Nixie tubes.

Internet connectivity

On first use, your clock needs to connect to your WiFi router to synchronize its time with the internet network time protocol. Once a day the clock will reconnect to re-synchronize. The clock can be used all over the world, standard timezone is set to Amsterdam timezone with support for daylight saving time. During setup, the timezone can be set to another timezone when needed.

iPhone and Android supported
Enter your WiFi credentials
Change the timezone when needed